Abney Park

14 06 2010

As I posted several days ago, I was introduced to Abney Park at A-Kon. I was really excited when I bumped into someone who had a bunch of their music and was friendly enough to let me borrow them. I have been listening to them almost non-stop on my Rockbox (portable music player) for the last four days and it has been quite the journey. Sadly, I had to return them to their rightful owner. [quick clarification sidenote] While I rip CD’s to Rockbox for easier listening (work, car, home, ect) those who know me know that I _loathe_ having music on my Rockbox that I can’t point to a physical CD (or at least a receipt for online purchases). I don’t care what your stance is on piracy, but I guarantee many great bands would not have been great without fans sharing their work and telling others. But I am sure not paying thousands of dollars per song to the jerks at the RIAA/MPAA/evil-jerks/whatever. No band is that good. So when borrowed CD’s get returned, then the digital versions get deleted too.[/sidenote]. After getting really into the band these last few days I have really put some thought as to my opinions on them. These are just a few thoughts, not really in any particular order.

* I really liked the live concert. I really enjoy the live concerts that are posted on youtube. The CD’s don’t seem to have that same kind of energy which I initially found disappointing. However, as I listened to more and more of their music I began to really like the CD’s for the quality of sounds. There are so many interesting uses of musical instruments that are really entertaining and often these sounds get lost in the crowd noise on the live performances.

* I love the Violin/Piano/soft female voice vs the Electric Guitar/heavy DrumNBass/deeper raspier male voice combo. I could rant about this longer then anyone would care to read so I will just leave it with ‘I love this sound.’

* I have also decided that I much prefer listening to the current lead female singer over the others the band has had. I also really enjoy the fact that she seems to sing much more in the concerts then the female vocalists on the CD’s. I don’t know if that is on purpose, her style, or if it is just something for her to do as the show goes on, but I like it.

* At the concerts the lead male singer has a _really_ cool raspy voice that reminds me of the days of rocking out to Rammstein. However, on the CD’s it is much smoother. I know that may seem to be a silly statement but listen to a few songs on the CD vs live. I think it is very noticeable difference. Listen to BlackDay on ‘Cemetary Number 1’ vs ‘Taxidermy’ (remix). An even better example is ‘Root of all evil’ the original on ‘From Dreams Or Angels’ doesn’t have that cool raspy sound that it does on ‘Taxidermy’. I like the slightly raspy voice in junction with the rest of the bands instruments and sounds. Again, it really stands out to me compared to the soft female voice. Love it.

* I decided to listen to each album by the year it was released. The four albums (Cemetary Number 1, Taxidermy, Death of Tragedy, Lost Horizons) weren’t a complete set of their works, but it was a good sampling. Each album was better then the one before it in my opinion. I wasn’t really a huge fan of ‘Cemetary Number 1’ nor ‘Taxidermy’, but I really liked ‘Lost Horizons’. ‘Lost Horizons’ just barely peaked higher then ‘Death of Tragedy’. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to own these albums eventually. Sadly the guy who let me borrow the music didn’t have Aether yet, so I was unable to listen to the album outside of a few songs on youtube at live concerts.

* Lastly (and one of the most important items), I have to see these guys in concert again. Watching the videos online with fire-breathing belly dancers and crazy gymnasts swinging from the ceilings is just too cool not to see in person. I feel so gypped that the A-kon performance wasn’t like that, but then again the A-kon stage was pretty limiting and the majority A-kon crowd just stood there like mindless zombies. I don’t think they deserved a show like that. 😀
Still feel a bit gypped though…

So after all these random thoughts, what am I going to do without their music?

I guess I will just have to buy it!
Check out my next post on my purchase (one post was retardedly long).



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