Apple isn’t killing flash. Adobe is.

13 06 2010

Catching up on my news recently and I saw this Slashdot posting:

This is one industry practice that really bothers me. This reeks of nothing more then a shoddy cover up by a company who cares more about maintaining an imaginary status in the world to their board members then about their customers. What is it about these big businesses that make them strive so hard to hate their customers? Is the almighty dollar that powerful?

As I continued reading my news updates I discovered the next Adobe related article:

So not only are there massive security holes in Flash, but there isn’t even a way to upgrade Flash! It isn’t just Linux either. On the official forums, Adobe’s solution for 64 Bit Flash on Windows 7 is to go test out the Linux version. Usually I am all for companies telling customers to upgrade to Linux, but to tell them to upgrade to a different OS entirely just to test out 64 Bit Flash that they have now killed seems pretty irresponsible. (fourth post by

Who needs Apple to kill Flash when Adobe seems bent on doing it themselves!

So now I am using Gnash and youtube-dl. So far most websites seem to work pretty good. I have not tried them all (obviously) but so far so good. We will see if I ever feel the need to switch back to Adobe.




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13 06 2010

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