A-Kon 2010

7 06 2010

I just got done with a long road trip after a long weekend at A-Kon 2010. We had a fantastic time. Crashed at the Westin City Center Dallas hotel (great place!). Got to hang out with David Wong from brick-by-brick design for a while (got some cool art too!). Of course Devils Panties (Not satanic porn!), Two Lumps(One just draws cats) and Trunks and Soto were very entertaining in their panels. Sad that Devils Panties didn’t make it to Iron Artist this year though…

I was also introduced to Abney Park. I had never heard of them (not really into steam punk bands) but I was really impressed! The concert was great but I felt a bit bad for them. The crowd was pretty lame. Very few people were dancing or doing anything but standing there. I was able to get a good section of the crowd jumping on one song, but having never heard them before I couldn’t really get the crowd riled up like I have done at past concerts with other bands. I don’t know if it was because it was freakishly hot and humid or if it is because the crazy additional metal in the steampunk outfit weighed the fans down, but I saw more dancing and fans going crazy with excitement at the last Weird Al concert I went to. The band deserved better then that. If there is ever any footage that surfaces, I will be the crazy guy jumping up and down to the right of the stage about half way back. 😀

Besides the given: way-too-many-traps, way-to-many-furries, and way-too-many-girls-in-skimpy-outfits-who-have-no-business-being-in-those-outfits-and-should-be-in-line-for-the-next-season-of-biggest-loser, there really was only one downside to A-kon worth mentioning. The staff on cc-3 were needlessly power-tripping. The only time I witnessed or heard about the staff being dickish was always in reference to cc3. I understand the yelling is needed, but the name calling and belittling of people seem a bit harsh. My personal run-ins could have been handled so much more gracefully (Sorry. Didn’t know it was a crime to sit in line nor that the punishment was to be yelled at.). I don’t want to retell the stories (plenty of other blogs that will dish about that kind of stuff) but I was not thrilled about them nor their rude actions. The rest of A-kon staff was great! Very friendly and helpful in finding events. Props to them!

Also, for the last several years McDonalds has run out of many of their staple food items. Is it because they can’t prepare? Is it because they do more business then everyone else? Whatever the reason they need to get their act together. It is the same time every year McDonalds! Not hard to figure out when you are going to get a rush. At the very least work with other McDonalds in the area and be sure to get restocked ASAP! Anyway…

That’s all for now. Time for sleep.



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