USB to PS/2

18 03 2010

I was just given a system that only has USB. It is a nice box, but it really sucked having a second mouse and keyboard for it when all my other systems connect through to my Belkin PS/2 KVM. So I decided to splurge a bit and try something wacky that I thought was going to fail really hard. I was going to buy an adapter off of Newegg without testing it or researching it. *Gasp*

I bought SABRENT USB to PS/2 (Dual PS/2) Converter Adapter Cable Model SBT-PS2U

I got it at a bit cheaper since they had a shipping thing going on a few days ago when I bought a bunch of other stuff I had been planning to buy for a while now…Anyway… it was only like 7$. I fully expected to a) plug it in and not have it work or b) (something I find WAY too often) it would work really well with just a mouse and keyboard but wouldn’t work through the KVM or c) it would require some special driver such that it would work with Mint, maybe Ubuntu, but probably not Debian which is what is running on this box.

Lo and Behold, I was wrong! I was very happy that I was wrong too! Plugged it in and it just worked! I made ZERO changes to anything outside of just plugging it in. The scroll wheel and the multiple buttons all work just as expected and I have had everything just work the way it should!

So if you are looking for one of these (or something like it), I highly recommend it.



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