28 02 2010

Ugh. Just spent several hours working with Endian Firewall. Not impressed so far. Not because of the features or anything, but because I can’t get to the features to use!
First it wouldn’t install. It would get to the point where it should install and just give me a blue screen. So I switched to a different computer. That one installed. I have three network cards thinking I would have one for my local lan, one for the internet, and one for a wireless setup. However, after the install it rebooted and…….nothing. I couldn’t get to the IP it said to go to. I thought maybe it switched the cards around for what it called eth0. So I got the mac address and shutdown to see what the macs were on the cards. I had the right cable in the right card, but I couldn’t get an IP. Well maybe my crossover cable isn’t working. So I got two new cables and my test switch out. Still no IP address. So I tried all the other cards. Still no IP address. So I manually set the IP on my laptop and verified my network connections. FINALLY! SUCCESS! I got the webpage! So I configured the firewall with the options it gave and saved the settings. It said it would take about 20 seconds to reset the settings. I gave it 2 minutes but had no update that the settings were saved. I tried going back to the original IP:port that it gave me the first time and I got a time out. So I figured I would log into the box and restart. After restart, same thing. I had to set my IP address to even ping the box (still no dhcp) and after I could ping it I got time outs on the webpage!


I am tired of this for now. Maybe I will try later. I wish Untangle wasn’t so much of a resource hog. I really like it but geez…my p4 2.8GHZ box keeps kicking on the fan all the time because it runs so hot and under constant load and my 2GB of memory is completely eaten up! There is absolutely NO reason for a home firewall/router to eat those kind of resources. When I ran Smoothwall for two years it ran just fine on a AMD Geonode 1.4Ghz with 512MB of memory!! Granted its interface was pretty bad and the fact that you have to use a floppy for backup and restore (Its been a while so I can only hope this is no longer true; last I checked backup/restores to/from anything else was paid for supported only but again it has been a while). I used to have a list of complaints with Smoothwall that ran for miles….maybe I should see if they have an update that has fixed most of those complaints….

I don’t know if I want to pursue this attempt with Endian firewall. I think I am going to take a break from working on it and go back to researching firewalls to see which distro I try next. I think I am also going to scrap all my past experiences and start a fresh….Maybe I will even try rolling my own…I think I am going to research that too. I will post back what I end up doing.



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28 02 2010
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