Firewalls…Bleck! Pt2

28 02 2010

So I figured out a few of my Endian problems.
1) DHCP doesn’t start after install. No where did I find documentation that says you have to manually set an IP, log in, and then turn on DHCP. Personally I think that is jacked-up.
2) The first boot up shows my network cards (listed by the last hex set) AD:eth0 (green) 3f:eth1 (red) 05:eth2 (blue. I have to plug into AD:eth0, manually set an IP address, configure the setup, and then reboot. After the first configuration the reason why I couldn’t log back in is because my cards changed! 3f is now eth0 (green), AD is eth1 (blue), and 05 remains eth2 but is now (red) interface! WTF?

So I have been running Endian for a few hours now. I am REALLY impressed with how fast and responsive it is using almost no resources. Really Really nice. I also like their graphs. However, I keep running into various things that don’t quite work right or I can’t find documentation on. I am beginning to feel like I am in a Tex Avery cartoon where I run out into the yard and step on something and BAM! Rake handle in the face. Then just as i stumble backwards and think I have moved past the obstacle…BAM! Another rake…and another and another…

I think Endian has a really good product and I am sure if I were to buy their preloaded box then all this would work without problem. However, I don’t think it is for me. I don’t want to be working on my firewall all the time. Going to go try something else…



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