New Music

19 02 2010

Found a new source of music…..kinda.

sudo apt-get install sox
play -t sl - synth 7:00:00 pinknoise band -n 1200 200 tremolo 20 .1 < /dev/zero

I just play this on a box in the back corner of the office with the volume set low. It drowns out so much of the background noise around me…I don’t hear the cars driving by or the wierd sounds that come from my neighbors yard every once in a while…and after a few minutes I forget that it is even there. It is really nice.

Is it sad that I am more entertained by pink noise then I am with anything from the record store since the last Weird Al CD?

Here is a Wiki link that explains the color noises.

Here is the link to the site I found this information at.



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