Empathy for Karmic Koala

24 06 2009

If you have not heard, Pidgin is being dropped in favor of Empathy. Just because I know I am going to get people calling me over it, I decided to try it out now so that I can figure out how to do things before the switch. Overall, it is OK. There was only one thing that impressed me and most everything else has met expectations.

What impressed me? The fact that the first time I ran the program it picked up my Pidgin install and imported all my accounts without me having to do anything but verify that those were ones I wanted to import.

On the flip side of the coin, there are three things that bother me.
1) Colors. The color scheme for names / links is pretty bad. A Google search told me that these were colors from the Gnome Theme, but I like my Gnome theme and not these. I wish I could change them.

2) File transfer. I have not found a way to transfer files. This isn’t a huge problem for me as I use woof for sending files most of the time, but this will be a big problem for a lot of people I know.

3) Log import. As most people do now these days, I live my life online. IM is one of the best methods for me to keep in touch. I have /YEARS/ of back history in Pidgin/GAIM log files. Not only did Empathy not import them when it imported the rest of my information, but the log file went from plain text to..err…ummm… this:
[message time='20090624T01:36:14' cm_id='0' id='me' name='Me' token='' isuser='true' type='normal ']Empathy has some weird tags in its log file now...[/ message]
(replace square brackets with angle brackets; wordpress tries to interpret them as html tags )

I am 99% certain that I can write a decent shell script to import the log file, I just need the time to do it.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts or comments please post.

Update: Found another problem. Can’t find an way to set an away message after a certain amount of idle time. Found how I can do it manually though (PITA). I REALLY like Pidgin’s ability to set idle time as when I was last active on Pidgin. That way I don’t have a flood of messages from people thinking I am around when someone bumps my mouse or I VNC in to grab something, or while I am watching a movie, ect ect ect.

Also, since I am editing I thought it might be nice to note that I just pulled Empathy from the Repo’s for Ubuntu 9.04. At this time it is: Empathy 2.26.1.



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