Windows XP Foul Language

22 06 2009

I had to check how a potential new piece of software reacted with another piece of currently used software, however, I didn’t want to risk any of our current systems. So I thought it would be easy to just build a new install and test but ended up running into lots of problems getting XP to install. By the time it finally installed I was rather peeved and just typing in insults into every field that required input (name, company, ect). By the time I got to the add user page, I wasn’t thinking and just typed in ‘Administrator’ and it threw an error. An error that caught me off guard and made me laugh. I know that XP is only saying I can’t have a login that is the same as the computer name, but this was just too funny not to share with a few friends. BTW, now that the project is over ( >1 hr and software install went fine) I happily wiped Windows from the box.

Warning F-Bomb dropped:



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