Another A-kon update: Rocky Horror Picture Show

6 06 2009

Yeah I know…late posting but it was a busy week.

First off, the show this year was much better then it was in ’08. That one sucked really bad. This year it went much better for the duration that I was there.

The big gripe I have with RHPS at A-Kon is that there are /so/ many people who attend other shows that when they come to A-Kon you have 30 different people shouting different things all at the same time. You can’t hear the movie or the jokes. It is just a bunch of loud noises. It isn’t nearly as fun when you can’t tell the joke from some random screaming.

This year Los Bastardos (the group putting the show on) did a MUCH better job at crowd control. At first it was a bit crazy, but as people started shouting random jokes, the bouncers would stand near by and shout louder. Eventually those that had the same jokes were joining in and those that had different jokes weren’t shouting them out. It wasn’t as good as the smaller productions where there are between 50-100 people that can be controlled easier, but it was better then ’08!

If anyone has seen the older MST3K show (or newer Rifftrax) then they know the movie can be great or terrible but the commentary can make it fantastic. I still think they need a way to get the audience on the same track so that the audience gets the joke of the commentary. Maybe have a second screen with the subtitles for the movie and the commentary or something. I dunno, but they really need to figure that out.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the show itself. One thing before I end this post though, the pre-show had some great moments and some terrible moments.

Great moment, the Men In Tights dance. Hilarious dancing from the Mel Brooks film (my favorite actually).

Terrible moment, the bad lip-sync and worse dancing of Chicago by some rather hefty and plump women.

Awesome moment, right after the Chicago number the guy near me yelled out as loud as he could “NO MORE FAT CHICKS! START THE F***ING SHOW!” and the whole group around us started laughing and chanting “Start the f***ing show! Start the f***ing show!” and more and more people joined us. They announcer came on stage “Wait guys! I am supposed to start that!” and we kept shouting till they gave in. It was awesome.

So that is it for this subject. 🙂



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