A-Kon 2009

1 06 2009

I just spent the weekend in Dallas, Texas at A-Kon. I am sure I will be posting several items on this as there is no way I can say everything I want to in a single post. However, while I gather my thoughts on the other topics there is one I want to address right away.

The A-Kon staff were /Amazing/!

I have never thought that they were bad but this year they stepped up the game far and above previous years. Traffic was always moving on the escalators (previous years it was known to get so clogged that it could take 30 minutes to go between levels). There was always staff around when you needed them. The lines for items moved quickly and were well organized. There was only one scheduling conflict that I know of (many artists scheduled for ‘Iron Artist’ * were in other panels; I know it doesn’t sound like a complement but it was the _only_ scheduling conflict I heard about this year where in previous years it was common to hear about them). The staff were calm and polite and it was just a really pleasant experience dealing with the staff.

I guess what I am saying is that if my only complaint about the A-Kon staff this year is a single scheduling conflict then the staff members deserve a huge round of applause. It was just very well put together. Thanks A-Kon staff!

*About the Iron Artist conflict. When we heard that the artists scheduled were not coming and that the staff member chosen to host had no clue about the event, we were very worried. We even debated on leaving. However, the guy was really funny and handled the audience really well. An extra round of applause for him.



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