Treo 650 v Blackberry Curve

9 05 2009

So work made me carry this Treo 650 for email and whatnot. Carried it for a year before they decided that I had to get an “upgrade” to the Blackberry curve.

Before I begin posting my thoughts on the Blackberry, let me tell you about the Treo.

The Treo 650 is a miserable piece of technology. The internet speed is abysmal. Start loading a webpage and go get something to drink; you will probably have finished the drink by the time the page loads. The battery life is as such. Fully charged on Friday at 4:30 and dead by noon Sunday. The applications are in general, crap. They have applications to do such wonderful things like SSH tunneling, VPN, and other items I need for work. However, they all rely on the abysmal internet speed. Now that isn’t the fault of the applications, but how badly errors are handled are entirely the fault of the applications. Pulling the battery from the Treo is often the best solution in dealing with these apps. Eventually I used the Treo for one of two purposes.
1 Email: No complaints really.
2 Google Maps: It worked really well even with the rubbish internet speed. It had all the cool bits for traffic and I could use the touch screen to move around in. It was rather nice. The only thing that really bothered me was when these pricks with their iPhones (not all iPhone owners are pricks, but you know the ones I am talking about) would brag about how their Google Maps application was so much better because it shows where they are on the map and my Treo can’t. Was I jealous? Not really. Cool feature I guess, but I never was in a position where I thought to myself “Wow! I really wish I had that feature!” No. What really peeved me off was how /Every/ time one of these pricks would find out that I don’t have that feature they just /Had/ to point it out to me. Even after they had pointed it out, if they felt the need (or forgot that they had already done so) they would point it out again! Didn’t care about the feature before. Don’t care about it now. Won’t care the second time…or the third time…or the fourth time…It just makes me want to shove the phone a little further up their snobby nose!

Overall, I didn’t like the Treo 650. I just learned to live with it and use the two features that gave me some use.

So after a week, what about the Blackberry?
At first I thought that the internet would be blazing fast. I keep hearing about how awesome Blackberrys 3G internet is and I never understood how it was any different then any one elses 3G internet. Now I do. It is worse. Far far far worse. Not only have I gone to get a drink and finished it, but I already packed away thirds! Even once I am browsing, navigation sucks. The screen is way too small to be browsing and dealing with that silly zoom feature is a complete waste of time.

Battery Life. Fully charged 4:30 Friday. Dead Saturday night. Seriously? Yeah.

Menu. Can you get more confusing? I understand the menu is a tree that I can go down directories or up, but I never can figure out where I am or on what level I saw a certain option. The point of reference is completely absent. Even when I point this out to other Blackberry users and they realize what a PITA it is the best suggestion is “Oh well. Deal with it.” Sorry but I have better things to do then waste my time ‘just dealing with it’. It should just work. I haven’t seen menu systems this bad since the late 90’s when I was using those old Irix systems.

Email. It is email. What could possibly be different? Well for the most part, it isn’t. But I do have two major complaints.
1) I get email from all kinds of places. Some email is real important and others not so much. That is why my mail is sorted in my inbox in directories for those that are important (main inbox) and those that are not (other sub-directories). The blackberry gives me all of it up front in one view! What kind of rubbish is that? I am on a ton of different email lists of which some can generate 100’s of emails in a day. When I get a call saying a server is down at work I don’t have the time to sort through all of those and figure out which emails are important and related to the server and which aren’t. I need to be able to find the directory that is relevant and see only the emails I need to. I keep being told there is a way to do this, but so far no one can/has figured it out….
2) I get a ton of email. Sometimes I get a bunch of email that I don’t care to read. I have not been able to find a way to delete a large group of intertwined email (aka every other one) without doing it one by one. Sadly the menu system is such that it takes several clicks and scrolls to delete a single email. Now try doing that with 50 emails. All of 5 seconds on the Treo and 5 minutes on the Curve.

Google Maps. Works about the same. The Blackberry supposedly can tell me where I am just like those other phones, however, it always seems to be off by a block or two. Also, without the touch screen, it is much more difficult to navigate. It can be done, but it requires a /lot/ of clicking and scrolling.

It also bothers me that all my SD cards I bought for the Treo don’t work in the Blackberry. I guess that isn’t the Blackberrys fault though…

So is there a pro for the Blackberry at all?? Well yes. It has a micro-USB connection. But that is all I got.

After a week I am quite displeased with this device. After the battery died on me today because I forgot to put it on the charger sometime in the last 24hrs, I decided to toss it in a drawer. Silly me expecting a phone battery to last longer and thinking it would be like my little Motorola v195 and get over a week off a single charge. Oh well. I do kinda wonder how long it will waste away in the drawer….

Is it sad that I miss that utter-piece-of-garbage-that-I-spent-a-year-cursing-its-existence Treo? I really gotta find a decent phone.



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