Little things in life.

1 05 2009

Isn’t it funny how a trivial event can make you appreciate what you have?

I just spent a bunch of time having to copy links out of an email from within Outlook and pasting them into another application one at a time (long boring story but I couldn’t copy them all at once). When you right click on a link inside Outlook you get Cut (greyed out), Copy (greyed out), Paste (greyed out), Clear (greyed out), Select all (the entire email), Look up, and Translate. This means I have one of two possible methods: 1) clicking each link and letting Firefox open up a tab for me to copy the link or 2) highlighting the entire link and Ctrl+F. The big problem with these is that I either have to bring up each and every webpage or I have to deal with Windows/Outlook doing retarded things with selective sense (AKA within an email in Outlook try highlighting and copying ‘bsolute’ from ‘absolute’; by the time the mouse gets to the end of the word the selection now includes the ‘a’ whether you wanted it or not. PITA!).

So I spent a bunch of time highlighting, copying, pasting, trimming out the random letters that Windows/Outlook decided were part of a word that I somehow failed to realize I need, adding the descriptions of the link, saving, new page, and restart the whole process over.

Then a friend sent me a msg on Pidgin on my Debian Lenny box; A msg with a link in it. I began to highlight the link when I thought “What am I doing? This is Pidgin running in Linux!” So I right clicked the link, selected “Copy Link Location”, and now had the link in a position to paste anywhere I pleased!

Yes, I could have and should have just clicked the link for it to open Iceweasel/Firefox for me. However, after having copied so many links I was kinda already in the thought process of highlight/copy/paste the link. I just think it is funny how such a little and trivial difference can make such an impact. It is just so trivial to right click a link and copy that I never thought I would miss it so dearly later on. It is to me like trying to twist out a screw from a board with pliers. Sure it can be done and I am certain someone will say that it isn’t that much more difficult to do, but a simple tool like a screwdriver will make the task oh so much easier.

On another note: This process was so boring and time consuming that I wrote a Bash script to do it for me. Now when I get these emails (at least on this Outlook client) that need to be catagorized, sorted, and saved all I have to do is copy the email over to a file and run my script. It sorts out the links properly for me so that all I have left to do is just add the description.

I love Linux. 🙂

Well time to get back to work slowly replacing the entire Windows experience with a Bash Shell script.



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