Just like a basketball team of mutant atomic supermen

1 05 2009

My 64bit Mythbuntu 8.04.2 install has been having some crazy time drifting. It is really weird that the 32bit version keeps perfect time and the 64bit Debian Lenny version keeps perfect time yet the 64bit Mythbuntu 8.04.2 doesn’t. The drift can be upto 10 minutes a day. This means that the NTPd program stops trying to adjust the time so the drift is worse the next day. Not exactly the desired response when trying to make sure “Dirty Jobs” and anything on HGTV are recorded on time (I do not like missing my shows but I would rather mine be missed then have the WAF drop).

At first I thought I found a bug, but the same install disc on a different 64bit system keeps perfect time. I installed openntpd and got rid of ntpd; it seems to have been a good choice. Openntpd sure prints out a lot of details in my syslog (as frequent as once a minute) but my time is usually within half a second (worse I saw over the last few days was -1.8 off).

Someone on the Debian users email list suggested chrony. I might install that on one of the test boxes and see how well it works there before tinkering with my Myth box again (yes, I am a bit afraid to mess with it; it has a /very/ high WAF and I am not risking that at the moment 🙂 ).



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