Changing resolution in Ubuntu

30 04 2009

So I had a bit of a problem with Ubuntu 8.04 not getting the display correct for my monitor. I could get the right display (1280×1024) with another monitor, but with my ViewSonic Optiquest Q71 it wouldn’t give me anything but 800×600. I tried to force the resolution in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file but then the nifty GUI programs (System->Preferences->Screen Resolution) would just show empty and the best I would get (even trying to force it in the xorg.conf) was 1280×800. So I hit up Google.

I finally stumbled on exactly what I needed:
gksu displayconfig-gtk

I was able to set my monitor to be a 1280×1024 capable monitor and it all works beautifully.

What gets me is why this nifty program isn’t in the menu. So I decided to add it (System->Preferences->Main Menu) and after looking around I found that it /is/ in the menu but that it is disabled under another section (Applications->Other->Screen and Graphics).




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